Monday, March 04, 2002

6:08 PM
Jeez... okay, I had to get off the computer because this furnace guy showed up at our house because our furnace wasn't properly working (and it is COLD outside dude!!) but Mom wasn't expecting him to come and she had to take my bro to soccer practice and my dogs were barking like crazy and she didn't wanna leave me by myself with this total stranger so she made me come with her and Tansy (one of my doggies) got sick in the car. So blah. Mom just had to educate me about fixing dinner since she's going off somewhere and Daddy's gonna be home a little after she leaves. Phew! I wrote LN a looooong e-mail! Very long. So check it! Annie- yay! friends are good! ;-D Hmph I can't wait til this GA History project is totally outta my life. The heat seems to be working fine. Good good. Girl Scout cookies..... yum!!! Uh oh- I forgot! They have been BANNED by the EVIL PRINCE JOHN! (boo, hiss! boo, hiss!) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's probably a good thing, trust me. :-D Just kidding. Love --clairey

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