Saturday, March 02, 2002

6:03 PM
Hey, if you don't listen to "A Prairie Home Companion", you should listen to it!! It's on now (in my region or whatever). But it's an AWESOME show (it's a radio show for you technology enraptured audience who didn't know that). And I'm probably going to go listen to it! I am all clean and dressed and stuff and Molls and her dad are gonna pick me up in about forty minutes. I am excited! And hungry... but there will be food there. "Dance like nobody's watching"... I saw that once and that's what I'm gonna do tonight. :-D :-D Katie- Hope you have a fun time @ the Screw Your Roommate Ball! Sounds.... interesting! Let me know how it goes. I miss you! Time to go party! Bon soir tout le monde (good evening everyone)! --clairey

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