Saturday, March 09, 2002

5:57 PM
Hi everyone!!
I went to LN's and we got some stuff done, but we have to finish the posters on our own @ home... I can do it! I can do it! No procrastinating! OH GUESS WHAT?? My passport came in the mail!! Yay! It hasn't even been 4 weeks, and they said it would take @ least 6 weeks! But oh well! The picture is still good... it is very cool. So now I am good to go to Ireland and England this summer! Yahoo! Phew. Mom got me Chik-fil-a (but I had to pay her back- ah well) after I left LN's (oh- and she is definitely coming to youth tomorrow! So that will be fun I think) and then we hung out @ home and then it was time to drive to Mason's band festival. It was about 45 minutes to an hour to get out there, it's near where my aunt lives. We got there just in time. They did very well, although they got one 2 and two 3s... I don't think they should have! They got a 1 in sight-reading though. Which is great. Now we are listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" (we were listening to Gaelic Storm). Erm, it's kind of freaky, a guy that I sort of know who went to my elementary school and now goes to high school got arrested for selling marijuana @ the school this week. That is really, really scary. For those of you who can't get it through your thick heads: DON'T DO DRUGS! OK, there's Claire's sermon for the day (wow, never had one of those either! He he). Tonight- I just finished making my rosemary potatoes (yumm) and they are in the oven cooking as I write this. We are also having London broil tonight! Mmm!!! (imagine me licking my lips in front of a yummy plate) And afterwards, we are picking up Julia and Henry and going to Brusters and then I am going back to Julia's for awhile. I haven't talked to her for awhile, so that will be F-U-N. Tomorrow is the luncheon in honor of Uncle Jamie after church.. should be fun, Logan's coming in from out of town. My bro will be at an away soccer game though. Time for something other than this! Ah, it's rainy and it feels perfectly like spring. I think I heard birds chirping for the first time this morning while I was in bed. Have a wonderful evening --clairey

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