Thursday, March 21, 2002

5:39 PM
Cough cough cough cough... my cough is hurting my throat. Ouch! Oh hmph. My brother is watching "The Matrix". I am talking to LN and Martha. Today was okay. I did testing (the science part has been the hardest so far) and then had drama and chorus... then GA History where we got introduced to our project ("class, project... project, class..." as Ms. L puts it- he he he). And in French Mme let us go out on the track and just hang out in the loverly weather all period. Which was wonderful. And in Math we did classwork. Oh yeah, I got my progress report!! Lang Arts. 95%, Science 95%, Drama 96%, Chorus 95% (or something like that), GA History 100%, French 96% (or something like that), and Math 92%... YAY about that last one! Tomorrow I am going over to LN's house and her friend Abby might come too and then we are going to Coldstone and Panera and then I MIGHT spend the night... I really, really want to but Mom is saying maybe since I have a bad cough/cold. Hm that is all I have to say except spaghetti for dinner tonight. Ahhh. Not much else. Safe journey (to wherever you are going) --clairey

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