Wednesday, March 27, 2002

5:30 PM
PNEUMONIA................... for the past 3 days.............................aaaargh..... no school at ALL this week.... emergency room on Monday night because I couldn't breathe very well because it hurst.... make up work! HMPH HMPH HMPH HMPH HMPH HMPH. I miss the outside world! But Marty made me a get-well card and got a whole lot of people to sign it!!! That made me feel a lot better, so thanks so much guys. And Lizzie brought my books by... Although it has been nice to be at home, except I've been in bed the whole time. But I've gotten time to do other stuff like write Katie a letter and listen to Enya and read Mitford, write in my journal, etc. etc. you get the jist (sp?). But I am very, very sad because I can't go to church supper tonight or the Maunday Thursday service or the Tenebre service... but I am acolyting on Sunday for Easter so I have/want to go to that!!! Aaargh, aargh, aargh. On to other subjects, I was very happy with the outcome of the Oscars... HALLE BERRY AND DENZEL WASHINGTON WON!! YAHOO! That was a wonderful speech Halle gave. Yay. And Randy Newman won too! That made em happy. Same w/ Ron Howard- Little Opie is all grown up and winning Academy Awards! OK I should probably get back to bed now... yaawn. pray 4 me --clairey

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