Tuesday, March 05, 2002

5:23 PM
Hey everybody! Today was an okay day... at least it's not Monday! So today, this morning, Daddy left on a business trip... he won't be back til Thursday afternoon, so that's not too bad. We had homeroom and then first period (wow), and then got even more confused about neutrons and protons and electrons and atoms in science, talked about the play in drama (I am so excited that mine is gonna be in it!), sight-read in chorus (Festival is tomorrow!! Only 2 classes! Yahooooo!! :-D), went over the worksheet in GA History, memorized a conversation in French, and learned more about compound inequalities in math. Then I came home and decided to get an early start on my work (which is something I hardly EVER do!!! So go me!)... I did my math homework, which I actually understood, and did my French and my Lang. Arts. Then I went on a walk with the puppies and Mom and Mason... And now I am doing this. Nothing to do tonight! Except (STUPID STUPID STUPID) GA History project. Hmph hmph hmph. OK, gonna go do other stuff now... More later --clairey

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