Thursday, March 28, 2002

4:41 PM
I'm feeling like I should be a bit productive while I'm resting, like writing letters and everything... but I suppose I need to rest. I know I do. Resting can be okay, but it can be boring after awhile. For anyone who talks to me from school- please, I don't feel like talking about make up work. I realize I am going to have to do it sooner or later. I just don't feel up to it right now and those teachers are just going to have to deal with it.

So, Holy Week... Maunday Thursday... Good Friday... Something Saturday (what do they call the day before Easter anyway?)... Easter Sunday. Do I feel anything special? Nope. Wish I did? Yep. Probably. I just want to do something. Maybe when I get back to school I'll feel better, work better, be a better person. Can you tell I'm blogging on and on just about whatever is popping into my head? If you couldn't, well I am. I want to get more exercise. My fam is gonna join the Y soon, so maybe that will help. But it seems like I have so little time in the afternoons after school... which is not really true. I mean, I really don't do much after school except get on the computer or do homework or read or something. And then on Wednesdays I have church supper. And on the weekends, who knows? I sort of feel like a need to be a better sister to my little brother... he always wants me to pay attention to him and I feel like I should- but I'm not interested as much as he'd like me to be. I want to be a good sister. I want to get back in the swing of things at school. Maybe pneumonia is exactly what I needed to reflect on these things, to realize that grades are not the most important thing in the world (even though I already knew that... learned it last year when I first got a B in math. But still... high school coming up... missed the last day of standardized tests... placements... jeez.), to know that teachers are going to have to understand that I am going to have to recover slowly... we don't want any relapses do we? Noooo. Well, thank God, only less than 2 months of school. I can't wait til summer, I am so psyched. The UK will be great, I am so excited. Sooooo excited. I just want to get thru these last weeks so I can get there with no worries/ticks, etc. Except high school summer reading. Whoop dee do. You know why I love this so much? And why I love e-mail so much? I love communication. I love talking to my friends and family about whatever or about something importantly special... I am dragging this blog on for as long as it's worth. My bro is of course asking when I am going to be done and I just said, "I dunno." He said: "Why do you always say 'I dunno'?" And it's because I really don't know. Maybe something will pop into my head that I am just now dying to say. Like it is so beautiful outside. Jeez, I know that is random, but this is what is wonderful about this blog. About writing. That is why I love to write. Seriously, you should look out your window right now. The magnolia tree in my backyard has the sunlight hitting it from a glorious angle and it's so pretty to look at. Maybe I'll go sit out there later; soak up some sun. Just to enjoy. I wish I could go to the service tonight. And I wish I could go to lunch with Mollie and Flo on Saturday... but probably not, we don't want Claire spreading germs now do we? And we don't want Claire catching anyone else's germs. Ugh, quarantine... I had better go e-mail Molls and ask her about acolyting on Sunday morning right now, because honestly I don't know if I'll be able to do it, especially at the early service. And when I want to go to the late service. Because I want to sing the "Hallelujiah Chorus" (did I actually spell that right?!?! WOW!) with everyone and laugh and have fun and enjoy it. I'm not getting a new dress but does that matter? Heck no. I want to go and sing and I would love to be in the processional but I guess if I can't then being in a pew is the next best thing. No way am I missing the Easter service. So I'll go e-mail Mollie now. That was a nice rant, wasn't it? I'm sure I'll have many more if I have this much time on my hands. It always sort of seems to surprise me, what I write. But it's fun to read later. What will I say about this in a few days, weeks, months, years even? OK- time to go waste my time elsewhere... except this was not a waste of time. --clairey the talkative, who still needs your thoughts and prayers for getting better and doing what she wants to do ~~~~

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