Wednesday, March 06, 2002

4:35 PM
Yo dudes, hope everyone's day was just fantabulous... mine was okay, for a Wed., and considering I only had 2 classes. We made straight ones @ Festival! Yay! And then another middle school started going "we're #1!" to us and we were like, "WE DON'T CARE!!!" Actually, we didn't say that but we were thinking it. We didn't say anything to them! That high school where it was held is HUGE! It looks like a mall. We did really well in the mixed group, a little better than the treble in my opinion, but oh well, if the judges wanted to give us those ones, that's fine w/ me! Got back to school just in time to do my French conversation (oh joy) and have a sub in math.... guess what? Coach O left a lovely little surprise for us saying that we have a mid-chapter quiz-- TOMORROW! Hmph. So I have to study for that. Tonight is church supper... Mom is taking my brother to soccer practice right now. Hm... I've done some of my homework, but not all. Really, not much else is going on that I can think of... ... ... ... ... ... Demain c'est jeudi.... which means that the day after demain c'est vendridi! Cheesecake 4 dessert @ church tonight (supposedly)! Yahoo! Lata --clairey

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