Wednesday, March 13, 2002

4:29 PM
Aloha dudes!
Ah, it's Wednesday, meaning one more day til Friday, which means 2 days of no school! Yahoo! :-D Anyways, got to school today, LN was back!! YAY! It was funny, when I was walking up the hall to take the attendance register, Annie and Martha walked with me (they were s'posed to be going to math but I guess they made it there) and Marty and I started singing "Look at me, I'm the king of New York, suddenly, I'm respectable, staring right at ya, lousy with stature..." etc etc and just walking down the hall. It was silly. In first period (language arts) we did more review for the standardized testing that takes place next week (blah). We went to Ms. P's class for science and played element bingo... I never won, but oh well there. Doesn't matter. Tomorrow we have a quiz though (dang!). In drama, Ms. B wasn't there so we played games with Lily the whole time and Marty gave me a note. In chorus we started watching "Music of the Heart" with Meryl Streep and stuff. Not the movie any of us (girls) wanted to watch, but whatever, it's pretty good. Me, LN, and Andrew presented our projects today in GA History! And Ms. L seemed to like it! Yay! Glad to get that over with. Ate lunch... boy a lot of people are sick and they're still coming to school! That's why I am drinking a lot of water and I took 2 vitamins when I got home. I DO NOT want to get sick! In French, we did our conversations and Laura and I did fine! In math Coach O had to go to a meeting or something so we just did 5 classwork problems and then I read more of "Welcome to the Great Mysterious". Good book. Walked around the school w/ Marty for a bit after school and then went home. Now Mom's taking my bro to soccer so I can sing as loud as I want! Tonight is church supper. --clairey

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