Monday, March 11, 2002

4:15 PM
Last night was a lot of fun! We went and picked up LN so she could come to Youth w/ me... then we got there early so Millie took us down to Panera for dinner. THEN we came back and I showed LN the play pictures (I NEED the doubles!!!) and soon David, Austin, Chris, George, Allie, Megan, etc. etc. etc. began to trickle in... so LN met everyone and then we sang (my fave part) and then we had an interesting new thing called "Check in time" (okaaay???) where we talked about our weeks with small groups. Oh yeah-- Katie came to Youth! And it was a moment to remember because we were all sitting in the circle and then Diane came in late and she didn't notice Katie... and Mollie cleared her throat and went, "um, Diane?" and she said, "What?" and Mollie pointed to Katie next to her and Diane just took one look and LEAPED across the circle screaming!! It was so fun, we were all laughing hysterically. It was great. Then we split up into Jr. high and Sr. High (aargh, I hate it when we do that... can't wait til next year when I'll actually BE a senior high!) and had a program on suicide, very interesting. Then we went home. Actually, Pop Pop came and picked us up and dropped off LN and THEN I went home! He he.
Today--- it's the 6 month anniversary of September 11th, which is absolutely amazing. I can seriously remember the day so perfectly in my mind, it's probably one of the most vivid memories in my lifetime. Last night Dad taped the CBS presentation "9/11" with that video footage that the 2 French brothers taped inside the towers and stuff. Whoa. OK, anyways, watched some of "The Miracle Worker" in Lang. Arts (a VERY good movie-- Patty Duke is great and so is Ann Bancroft, but Patty Duke had the harder role of Helen Keller) and did more English (blah- SAT 9 is next week, I HATE standardized testing! And everyone's gonna get sick anyways so whatever). In Science we did worksheets, and I have 2 worksheets for homework... darn. In Drama we finished watching "TTM" (aka "Thoroughly Modern Millie")... it was a very cute movie altogether, an interesting plot though. And then in chorus we watched my new favorite movie and musical (some because of the hot guys but also because of the music and dancing... I've been singing "Look @ me, I'm the king of New York" all day!!) "Newsies" and finished it (aw darn!)... we have a looong quiz on it tomorrow so I'm gonna check out one of those websites that has the whole script and stuff. Awesome movie though, I am dying for the video AND the soundtrack (for any one who wants to know, my 1/2 birthday is in April.... He he he). In GA History we went to the computer lab and did an activity... the project is due TOMORROW!!! OH NO!!! @ lunch I ate and talked... in French Mme talked to Liam about different places in France because he may be going there this summer, so that got her off track a little bit. And then we did the "Mise en Train" so I have to finish that for homework. And then in math he ranted and raved to us about how people were cheating (the STUPID JERKS! Can't they just try for themselves?!??!) on the test and how he was really dissapointed but I was happy with my grade-- a 108%!!!! YAY!! :-D No homework there. Mom is getting me a sub sandwich for dinner! My brother is @ soccer practice and now I've got to go to HOMEWORK! (hmph hmph hmph) Who knows how loong I'll be up tonight considering I have a project to do? Tomorrow I will probably much more carefree since my project will be happily turned in! Time to go...
Oh it's a fine life, carrying the banner through it all...
Look at me, I'm the king of New York!
Santa Fe...
--and clairey :-D

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