Friday, March 01, 2002

4:05 PM~ It's FRIDAY!! YAY!! I am very happy. All I have for homework this weekend is my GA History Project- OF COURSE. Tonight, Mom and I are going out to dinner... either to Mick's (YUM) or a French restaurant... Not many people are on IM. I wanna call LN from the party tomorrow night and have David do his terodactyl noise! That would be funny! The furnace guy is here to fix the furnace and my puppy is barking like crazy. Hush!! Sheesh. My average in Algebra is a 91%!!!! Go me! My other dog is now in my lap. He's licking my hand as I type. Ah, I love weekends. That's about all that's going on... LN just IMed me. Love you all! Bye now.

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