Thursday, March 07, 2002

4:05 PM
First of all, last night was fun. I went to Wed. Night Supper and after we ate, me, Mollie, and Elizabeth walked down to the new ice cream place that just opened on Tuesday-- IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I got a large "chocolate decadence"- for those of you who don't know me, I'm the biggest chocoholic in the world. It was awesome... and the people who work there are really nice too. I am DEFINITELY going back (even if it was a little expensive, it was worth it :-D). Anyways, today LN and me talked about stuff during homeroom.... just like we always do. And in first period, we didn't take the "Letters of a Slave Girl" test that we were supposedly going to because somehow Ms. F got off to the subject of the Holocaust and we never got back on track except when she realized we wouldn't have time to take the test so we just checked over vocabulary. In science, Ms. R told us about a project that we have that is due on Monday, so that's 2 projects I have to work on (hmph). Then she explained ionic and covalent bonding to me during the first few minutes of 3rd period, so she wrote me a pass to go to 3rd when she was done. Ms. Bailey is still @ Festival, so we had a sub for Drama and Chorus... in Drama we watched "Totally Modern Millie" or something like that, with Julie Andrews. It is really funny but I'm a teeny bit confused about the plot- why does the old lady want to kill Mary Tyler Moore?? And in Chorus we watched "Newsies", which so far is a REALLY good musical with some great actors. I swear it has the guy from "Little Women" in it... oh what's his name? But I know it's the same guy. We finished going over the worksheets in GA History (we have a test tomorrow) and it was fun because the principal was taking some elementary school parents on a tour and they stopped in our room... we got to tell them about the class and why we like Ms. L so much. Ate lunch... actually, I ate lunch in GA History, not in the cafeteria because... I just did. So LN and I talked during lunch. We played "Hangman" in French, which got REALLY boring after awhile, but it wasn't that bad... And then we took our quiz in math, which actually wasn't terribly difficult. I think (I hope) that I at least made a B. And when I got home, Dad was home! He got home from his trip. He brought me back the Sports Illustrated with Sarah Hughes on the cover and the book "A Walk to Remember", which I asked for (I figure that the book is going to be better than the movie, so go ahead and read the book). So I am engrossed in that now. Tonight, I said that I would make my potatoes (well, not my potatoes, from a cookbook, but I love the recipe) and Mom said we have hamburgers. And I asked if we have any bacon and she said yes, so I'm all set for a bacon cheeseburger tonight! Yu-um. Oh- I got invited to Chris' Eagle Scout presentation thing! I can definitely go... How very exciting! Time to go check e-mail and possibly go for a walk... oh yeah, and homework. It feels like a beautiful spring outside! Tomorrow is FRIIIDAY! :-)
I'm thinking of inviting LN to youth on Sunday... Elizabeth, do you know whether or not it's going to be a split up program (jr and sr highs) or all together? Because that will help me decide whether to invite her this time...she wants to meet the senior highs! HAve a wonderful rest of the day --clairey

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