Monday, March 18, 2002

4:04 PM
Whoops, forgot to tell about last night. Went to Coldstone w/ Allie and them and then got back to the church and played freeze tag on the playground just like we did when we were littler! With my childhood pals too-- a stroll down memory lane dudes. It was fun. And then we had choir, then youth. Youth was a blast- we made movies and then watched them!!! Picture Ann and David as girlfriend/boyfriend, then David cheats on Ann w/ Rachel, Ann's best friend. I was Ann's "2nd" best friend. I caught Rachel with David and then made Rachel tell her... she invites Ann to her house for a sleepover and then Ann goes, "who do you love?" and Rachel doesn't wanna say and then Ann goes, "okay, we'll both say it on 3, okay? One... two... three..." and then they both say "DAVID" at the exact same time!!! It was so funny! And then they start fighting and Buffy comes in and goes, "It's going to be a loooong night...Mr. Technical Director, if you please..." Cuz that was her line from the play! Hysterical! And then Becca pretends to be Rachel's only friend because everyone else is teasing her, but then she goes into the bathroom and writes "Rachel W is a HO" and Rachel bursts into tears... it's really funny even if it sounds like it's not. :-D And then Mollie plays her mom and sends her away to an unwed mothers home. THE END! It was so funny. We were all cracking up. Ok, that's all. bye

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