Monday, March 18, 2002

3:55 PM
Before I start with the usual diary entry sort, I want to confront something I'm scared about. I'm scared about moving. My parents want to put our house up for sale, and we're staying in the same area of course, and I'm adamant about a house in the DHHS district. My parents are saying okay, the DHHS district is top priority, but if we find a great house that fits our price range in the LHS district then we'll seriously consider it. NOOO!!!! I just want to be certain of where I'm going to high school next year so it's kind of nerve-racking. But as of right now, I am going to DHHS. And I really, really want to! Considering I know a lot of people there and the scheduling seems better... and my closer friends are going there. And I signed up for my classes today!
OKAY, I'll talk about my day now. That made me feel a bit better. Anyways, we took our first part of the standardized testing today. It was the vocab and reading comprehension sections. Tomorrow is the math.... nooooo!!! Oh well, I'll survive. Even though we're missing her class, Ms. F is giving us homework this week! Can you believe it!? But I got to miss lang. arts and science. That was nice. And then we didn't have as much time in drama because 2nd period was extended. In chorus I got called to the counselors office to sign up for my classes. Mom came too. I can't exactly remember what I signed up for, but I have a list so I'll get it later and write it. In GA History we went over the worksheet. And me and LN talked at lunch. We took our quiz in French and watched more of "Chocolat". But in math I was SO HOT! And he gave us homework cuz we were being loud... hmph. We're watching "Newsies". La dee daa... that's my cigar- you'll steal another... hey bummers, we gots work to do... since when did you become me mother... aw, stop your bawling! hey- who asked YOU?!

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