Monday, March 04, 2002

3:35 PM
Just got home from da school. Lemme see, what happened that was worth noting?? Had Homeroom (wow, how out of the ordinary-- picture me rolling my eyes), then 1st period- Ms. F was back! I am glad that she's feeling better. In science we made molecules with gum drops! That was REALLY fun. Or as fun as making molecules with gumdrops can actually be, for science. We finished reading over the monologues and skits to choose for the play in drama and then started to revise the top ones that we've chosen. I am really excited because 2 of mine have been chosen! One was about my experiences on Sept. 11 and the other was about the last day of school. It's neat because, as the writer, I get first dibs on performance, and my 9/11 one is LOOONG so I'm doing the first paragraph and the last paragraph. The rest of the monologue will be read by different people, paragraph by paragraph. I think that is a great idea (and it wasn't mine, it was Ms. Bailey's) because a lot of us were in the same room that day, going thru the same things. Anyways, I am very proud about that, since I want to be a writer anyways. We finished watching a video on "American Legends" or something like that in chorus. Festival is on Wednesday- that means missing almost all of school! Yay! He he. We went over the worksheet in GA History and it was fun to discuss it. Ms. L is such a great teacher! Austin's mom reminds me of her for some reason... it's weird. Went over the new vocabulary in French and then did examples with inequalities in math. Annie-- Tell me ALL about it later!! :-) OK, that's all that's up right now except it's SO COLD OUTSIDE!! This is MARCH! Spring starts in 17 days! Jeez. Roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. Yummers. Time to check e-mail. Bye now --clairey

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