Wednesday, March 20, 2002

2:31 PM
Hi... well I have a slight cold so Marietta (my dr) said I could stay home for the rest of the day. I got to miss 5th, 6th, and 7th periods. Ahh, how nice. I have to talk about last night! It was very very cool. My grandmother and others were honored by an organization that they work for, so we went to this hotel downtown ("we" being me, Mom, and Dad came later... and then my aunts and uncles and Elizabeth's parents, the pastor and his wife) and were served a 3-course dinner... first a salad and roll... then lamb, sea bass, polenta (potatoes), asparagus, tiny onion rings... mmm mmm mmm!!! Then of course dessert, which was raspberry and chocolate (yumm) sorbet in a sort of chocolate waffle cone bowl. AND sugared berries! Delicious. :-D And the speaker was Antwone Quenton Fisher, who has written the book called "Finding Fish"... it's a memoir. He has an amazing story and it's being made into a movie starring Denzel Washington. So either read the book or see the movie when it comes out! He gave a very interesting talk. And guess what? I was asked twice by waiters if I wanted wine!!! :-D :-D :-D I wonder if I had said yes, would they have really poured it?!! Hee hee. I don't look 21 or older, jeez! I don't even look 16... maybe 15. Or not. But that was amusing. And I met Alfred Uhry! He wrote "Driving Miss Daisy". Very cool... I was trying not to make mistakes, I had never been to a huge event like that! But it was fun.
Then, today, I had a bit of fever in the morning but I still went to school to take the standardized testing. But Mom picked me up during chorus to go to the dr. and then after that, Mom and I went to Quinnie's to get fried chicken (hadn't been there in forever-- like 5th grade or something). Then we came home. It's nice to relax. Doo dee doo... Guess what I'm watching?! HUZZAH HUZZAH! In other words, the youth play!! We got the videos on Sunday. Hm should I go to WNS or not tonight?? Well that's not exactly my choice since I can't drive, but whatever. Oh, by the way-- MOLLIE IS DOLLY!!!!! YAY! :-D I am so happy for her! OK, that's all. --clairey

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