Saturday, March 02, 2002

1:55 PM-
I don't have much time because I promised myself I would start research for my project @ 2 PM. So yeah. Hm, it's funny, I'm not hungry. I'm listening to my local radio's Studio Session CD... featuring Jewel and Vertical Horizon and Fuel and Train and other good bands like that. Now it's playing "Hemmorage (In My Hands)" by Fuel. I think it would be nice to go outside in a little while. It's not raining but it's wet because it has been and I love that smell that there is after it rains. That's another one of my likes. I was just looking at last year's yearbook and realizing how much everyone has changed, in looks AND personality. I have people for friends that I would have never thought I would last year... and other people aren't my friends anymore. Or not as good friends. Things can change SO fast. It's crazy. I need to shower before the party tonight. I can't wait to go! No hunger in this girl's stomach... Dang. Time for STUPID project. Oh well. I need to do it; if I can just get it OVER with... Blah (imagine me sticking my tongue out). ;-D

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