Sunday, March 17, 2002

1:42 PM
Aloha friends! Wow, I've had this blog for a month! Can't believe it! Hm, today has been a good day so far. Although I had to get up at 7:45 AM!!!!! Because of Youth Sunday. As I told John, such an UNGODLY hour for a Sunday! Aargh. But then I got to church and it was okay. We did well at the 8:30 service; I think my favorite parts of the service were listening to the seniors' talks (especially David), singing "Come to the Water" and dancing (sort of) to the drums. Then we had a pretty long break after the first service. Me, David, Austin, Chris, Thomas, and others headed outside because it's SO beautiful today, although it's HOT!!! It feels like summer... but it's not (of course). Spring starts in 3 days! Ahhh. Then we did the 10:50 service and it was a lot of fun too (of course). Then me and Mollie and David and Megs and other people headed down to Panera for lunch. And Mollie and I went to Starbucks too. It was too hot to get a hot chocolate so I got a chocolate brownie frappachino. Now I have to go do homework and then I'm going to Coldstone for Allie's party @ 4. Then choir, then youth. Wonderful routine. This week, testing starts, so I'll get to miss language arts and science! Yahoo! :-D
Summer stinks and winter's waiting, welcome to New York... boy ain't nature fascinating, when you's gotta walk...

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