Sunday, March 03, 2002

12:55 PM
The party was very fun. There were some really nice people there. And the pizza was good too! There were these tiny sugar cookies that Austin's mom made that I got addicted to... yummy. Anyways, just got back from church... It was sad because our pastor formally announced his leaving and stuff and- yeah. Guess what? We are probably going out to dinner with Gabe and Rebekah and my grandparents at- where?- Mick's!!!! :-D I suggested it, and seriously, I wouldn't mind going again- twice in one weekend!! Hee hee. Yummmm.... It's really my favorite restaurant. Sooo good. So that will be really, really fun. Mom and I went out for coffee (actually, I got hot chocolate) this morning before church. We had combined Sunday School w/ the senior highs. I can't wait til I'm in senior high!! Next year... Time to go check my e-mail, eat soup for lunch, and work more on GA History (blah). Then choir, then dinner. Tchao

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