Saturday, March 30, 2002

12:11 PM
Oh, guess what, I found out how to spell the "H-word" correctly (not THE h-word that is known so much better than this one but anyways...)-- "Hallelujah"! Guess where I found it? I was reading Foxtrot. Ha ha ha. Learn something new everyday, don't we? Anyways, I just got back from the childrens' hospital AGAIN because the doctor wanted me to do another chest x-ray and now me and my mom are very confused because supposedly now there is no pneumonia there??... Uhhhh ok. But I still have pain in my back and below my heart and stuff. Ah well, I guess we'll find out more later. But that is weird. I have a loose cough, which is probably good because I'm coughing stuff up. It was funny, we went to the cleaner's for Mom to pick up some clothes and my creative writing teacher from last semester was there. Hm, I feel sort of guilty for feeling okay but not doing any schoolwork. I just HATE HATE HATE it that it's hanging over my head! Uuuuurgh. Hm, I like that better than aargh. Or I like both. If I was feeling completely well, I would like to start cleaning up/out my room and going outside and going to lunch with Florence and Mollie but I can't... sniff sniff. Oh well. But I can probably go to church and MAYBE Sunday School tomorrow so yey! LN emailed me so I am going to go check it because I want to and I'm done here for now. But really, it is fun to just type whatever the heck you want to. Like I'm doing right now. ;-D --clairey

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