Saturday, March 02, 2002

10:05 AM or something of the sort.... I don't have a watch on at the momento. Anyways, happy Saturday! I just got up about 30 minutes ago and had the rest of my bacon blue cheese burger and fries (have you ever noticed that fries taste not-so-great after they've been refrigerated?? unfortunately, they are). Now sister Molls just IMed me... Very excited about the partay tonight! Should be goodtimes. Oh, forgot to mention, it's raining outside! That is wonderful because we need it so badly! I even heard it thunder a couple of times! But the bad thing is that my brother's soccer game that would be going on right now has been canceled. It was his first one too, I wonder if he's disappointed. Gabe and Rebekah are in town! (for those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about, they are my dear cousins who I don't get to see that often because they don't live here) And today is Gabe's birthday! The big 2-8! Wow. That is scary. But they are here and our whole family is probably going out to dinner tomorrow night since I am not going bowling. Today, I NEED TO: -do my project research (MAJORLY!!!!!) and probably some other stuff but that is my only homework so that is major, major. It is nice and warm inside. I would love to do yoga @ LN's house, that would be fun- plus, I need the exercise! Time to go do something else now. Ta ta....~~~

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