Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Hey guys- it's about 9:20 PM & I'm @ my grandparents' house... my grandmother's church discussion group was discussing "The Red Tent" and since I've read it, I joined in a little. Girls, if you haven't read it, you should. It's by Anita Diamant. LN got a new e-mail address! Whoo hoo! Just kidding. ;-D And then she put the soap opera thing (see earlier today) on her profile! I feel so loved. And I'm sleepy too! No more frequent blogging unless I have like NO homework. Unfortunately, we head back to school tomorrow. Blah. But then again, we got an extra day (Thank God for TEacher Workdays!), I had 9 e-mails. I crave double fudge brownie ice cream.... gotta go home and get me some! Oh- BTW- I finished "Letters From a Slave Girl"! Now let's home that the test tomorrow is EASY! (Please please please) LN wants to come to Youth to meet all my cool friends. I think she would like them, and for whoever's reading this that goes to my youth group (and they better be reading this because I told them to check it out!! Just kidding), I think you would like her! Uh oh, Mom's calling, it's time to go home and then to bed! Sleep tight friends... Au revoir. Huzzah~

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