Saturday, February 23, 2002

9:55 PM~~ We had to take LN home... :-( Sniff sniff. ;-D Tomorrow is church, lunch, then homework @ home (duh), choir, and youth. I wonder what we're doing? The Confirmation Retreat is this weekend so the 7th graders won't be @ Sunday School tomorrow. I wonder if they're doing the Early Christian Worship Service right now like we did? I remember that so well and it was a YEAR ago!! Gee. The Olympic Anthem is SO beautiful! I'd never realized how gorgeous the music is. To LN: I am SO glad that you are my friend and I had a great time! Love you like a sister always! And Molls- YOU'RE COMING BACK TOMORROW!! Yay! :-D Yaawn... should probably get to bed soon, but who knows? Dad and Mase are watching "The Mummy". No Britcoms tonight, I don't feel like it.
~I am 16, going on 17,~
~Innocent as a rose,~
~bachelor dandies,~
~drinkers and brandies,~
~what do I know of those?~
~Totally unprepared am I~
~to face the world of men,~
~Timid and shy and scared am I,~
~of things beyond my kin,~
~I need someone older and wiser~
~telling me what to do,~
~You are 17 going on 18,~
~I'll depend on YOU.~
-- "The Sound of Music" Rodgers and Hammerstein
G'night world...

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