Sunday, February 24, 2002

9:15 PM-- Bon soir tout le monde! (Good evening everyone!) Hm, tonight was a bunch of fun. Went to choir and sang fun songs, then to Youth- guess what? There was no dinner for us! Cause Millie had just gotten back from the retreat and stuff. So I feasted on grapes. Wow. (don't worry, I came home and ate chicken fingers) We looked @ George's pictures from the play!! They are all really, really, really good. I want the doubles! Seriously! We had FUN AND GAMES NIGHT!!! Because not many people were there (Cole was the only 7th grader). We played a game w/ putting comics together, then we played clothspin tag in the gym and then we played HUMAN FOOSBALL! (My personal favorite) And then Bible trivia. Our team- The Justice Dragons (Katie's idea)- got 2nd. Then we had a worship service which was cool. Yawn, I am sooo sleepy. The Closing Ceremonies are on... isn't that sorta sad? It's weird because it seems like it started such a short time ago. Gloria Estefan is singing. Mollie is back! She e-mailed me. Time for rest... G'night all, happy start of the week! ~Clairey

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