Wednesday, February 27, 2002

7:37 PM-- Hey! I was wrote today but then my stupid stupid STUPID computer messed up and it didn't work!! So hmph. But anyways, I'm back. Not much major stuff happened today (or maybe I just don't wanna write it all the way AGAIN so yeah)... Except I got 2 100s on my math and science quizzes!!!! YAHOOO! Go me! I am very, very happy about those grades (esp. the 100 in math- I really REALLY needed that, majorly). Umm, in French we did our conversations-- LN, ours went fine!! ;-D Shoulda sent ya brain waves, but oh well, better luck next time!! :-D LLL. Then tonight I went to Wed. Night Supper and Mollie was there! And so was Chris. We had fun. Hm, a woman from my church was on "Good Morning America" today!! It was really, really cool, she got a makeover! Time to finish GA History notes and stuff. Maybe I can watch something before bedtime. It is SO AMAZINGLY COLD OUTSIDE! ACK! I have no new e-mails... Sniff sniff. :-) Just kidding. Tomorrow is Thursday! Thank goodness! Not much else is up except if you wanna hear about Mollie's trip to Paris, check out HER blog-- . Buhbye all -C

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