Thursday, February 28, 2002

7:34 PM-- Guess what? I am so very upset!! Our pastor @ church has been switched!!! That means that Elizabeth has to leave too!!! This makes me so mad and upset and sad... I have known her almost all my life... I was 2 when they came here and I will miss them all very much... Can't imagine Sundays and Wednesdays without my Elizabeth sister. :-( :-( They are leaving in June... I am praying for you guys, I know it must be haard. Hmph, on to another topic that makes me annoyed, my computer. It is very, VERY slow, and now my IM is all messed up at the momento so I can't talk to anyone. I guess you could say that this little bit is the Claire rant of the day... Wow, I have never had a Claire rant of the day! Well, I declare this the very first. We need a new computer! There. On to happy stuff... there must be happy stuff: Um, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! THank goodness! And tomorrow night dad is busy and the bro is spending the night out so Mom and I are on our own for dinner (yummm) and a movie or something of the sort. Saturday holds nothing in store except hanging out and the possibility of working on my GA History Project- NO, the sincere working on my GA History project... I NEED TO DO IT!! We all do- and of course Austin's lovely soiree (okay, Austin's party- soiree is just a cool little French word) in the evening. And who knows how long THAT will last? Just kidding. OK, other happy stuff? E-mail from LN! And I DID e-mail you back. And I got to watch Sarah Hughes again! As everyone knows, I taped it and watched it again because it is so full of joy and fun to watch. We had stir fry, which is very yummy, and I am going to go have ice cream... Have nearly finished THe Glory Field! YAHOO! Time for ice cream and Mase wants to get on anyways. Yawn --C ps. I am still SO mad about Elizabeth! She should finish high school so I can be with her!! Even if she's a jr and I'm gonna be a freshman!! :-( Blah. Buhbye.

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