Saturday, February 23, 2002

7:20 PM- Hey everyone!! LN's here!! We've been talking for the past 2 hours or so. And I showed her all my scrapbooks. Hmmm... we are having quiche for dinner. Yum!! Here's LN, she's gonna say something now:
hi all!! im @ claires house as she already said.i really like her house and her dogs are so cute!! (rusty and tansy) i dont like the word dachshund. ok claireys gonna talk now:
OK, I'm back!!! OH YEAH- LN fixed her glasses!!! Yay! My mom and I came up with a new word a few days ago... ambliminal- n. a person or thing that is very slow or ambling; adj. being very slow and ambling.
We're gonna go look @ Austin's page now... Have a great evening. Tchao

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