Tuesday, February 26, 2002

4:30 PM on the dot-- OK, I was annoyed because my brother was demanding to have the computer at that point in time. But now he is headed for soccer practice so I have it to myself for a whole hour and 1/2!!! That is if I don't do my homework... hee hee. But I don't have TOO much. Anyway, the day pretty much went like this: It has been getting colder ALL day!! Hmph- why does it have to do that?? It was so nice this weekend and yesterday, but now it's getting back down in the 40s and 50s and stuff. Blah. Ms. F wasn't there AGAIN (jeez, I hope she's not TOO sick...) so we had another sub and did an English worksheet on verbs... easy stuff, thank goodness. And I can still finish reading "The Glory Field" (yahoo- I'm on page 100!! :-D)!! In Science we did a worksheet on the atoms and elements and whatnot. We have a quiz tomorrow, so I have to study and memorize some stuff. Another blah. They kept us late in 2nd period because the 7th grade was taking some test and we had to be quiet so we stayed in 2nd til 10:30. 8C got to go see a car get set on fire by the fire dept. (on purpose!)!! They skipped all of 2nd (well, not skipped, because it was the whole team). What is the purpose of that???? In the little time we had in Drama, we got ranted to about missing assignments and grades ("Not I," said the Claire) and then me, Emily, and Martha went around the school taping up posters for Talent Show auditions. We got to miss the beginning of Chorus for that. Then of course more rants in chorus (well deserved ones, for the majority of the class) and singing. I have a 95%. We had our paper war in GA History and it was okay... personally, I didn't really care, but I'm sort of glad it's over. In French Madame was back and we did a listening activity and worked on our interviews. We're having the quiz in math tomorrow (I think) and he reviewed all the info and added graphing inequalities to the quiz also. Then I got home, ate turkey (with krazy salt- yumm), grapes, and two mini Dove chocolates from Valentine's Day (dark chocolate- my fave ;-D). Yeah, that's about it. Tonight I am doing NOTHING! Except homework. Dang. That's all... nous avons lasagna pour le diner ce soir.

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