Monday, February 25, 2002

4:03 PM~~ Hi! Yeah, well, schools's back in cause it's Monday and all... But ah well, that's life. Hm, what happened today? Ummm... Homeroom, just regular, watching Channel One and the announcements. Then the chorus people had to go practice for the Black History assembly during first period and the assembly was second period and half of third. The county CEO came and spoke to us, but he kept calling us an "elementary school" instead of a middle school! He obviously didn't know where he was. Oh well- I guess he has so many places to go every day. He came in the middle of the assembly and left right after he spoke. Hmph. Busy schedule when you're a politician, huh? Anyways, a group also did a skit and it really pisses me off that people were laughing at it. I wish that they could be more mature, because it makes me SO mad! It's just one of my pet peeves. So no language arts (Ms. F wasn't back again anyways- The Glory Field wasn't due!! YAY!) or science, and only about 15 minutes of drama. Then we had chorus and no one would shut up in there either... argh (maybe there's a full moon tonight or something). We checked out tests in GA History and I got a 115%! That's only my 2nd "natural" 100 of the year. So yahoo. :-D In French we had a sub (who could actually speak French, unlike our previous ones) and all we had to do was the situation interviews. LN was my partner and then we talked w/ Lauren and Adrian for the rest of the time. In math Coach O was back and went over stuff we're going to need to know for the inequalities quiz (which is, as he puts it, "soon"). HOMEWORK: outline something for lang. arts (cause I wasn't in class), color a drama poster, make up questions for the paper war in GA History, memorize the French interview, and study for the math quiz. I am TRYING (key word: TRYING) to cut down on chocolate, but I still love it, so I'm trying it in smaller amounts.. and having something with it. :-D Tonight we're having turkey for dinner! Later

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