Thursday, February 21, 2002

3:50 PM-- Hey everybody, just a note, if you wanna go to more blogs, go to my friends' blogs- AND ... Anyways, about today. Today I got to school about 5 minutes before the late bell rang (for homeroom). Ms. F. wasn't there AGAIN and neither was Coach O, so still no "Letters from a Slave Girl" test!! Yahoo! And that gives LN more time to read the book! And everyone else in the class. So we had to do these EASY worksheets on Lincoln and stuff and I just have a little bit more to do for homework. We talked more about the periodic table in science and I'm actually starting to understand it (I think- with me and math and science, you never know...). Designed Talent Show tickets and fliers in Drama... Mine were very creative. But Alyssa's were TOTALLY COOL! Practiced songs again in Chorus~ I wish that we were doing "Feel Good" for the assembly on Monday, but everyone else wants to do "Yonder Come Day"... Aaargh. Oh well, @ least not "Heavenly Aeroplane" because I CANNOT sing that high on the descant! It's just not physically possible for me. Sheesh. Then we organized our notebooks and stuff in GA History... Went over the vocabulary and had a quick quiz in French. I hope Mme's okay, I heard she was crying this morning... hmmm. Then we had NO MATH because the counselor went over stuff for high schools. So the only homework I have is Lang. Arts and GA History!!! :-D And I am doing nothing tonight... We are getting sub sandwiches from Publix to eat because there is so little in our fridge.. need to go shopping. Talking to LN- I'm probably going over to her house after school tomorrow so we can work on our GA History project w/ Andrew. Then tomorrow night I'm headed to see "Gosford Park" and go out to eat w/ Barbara and Mom. Should be fun. HUUUNGRY!!!!!! Jeez, I am such a picky eater too. Oh well. There was a horrible smell in the halls after 7th period and I've heard rumors of a possible stink bomb.. Will these people EVER grow up??? Hmmph. We have eggs boiling for egg salad, so that will probably be good for a snack and a mini Milky Way or two is always nice.. LN says she is writing me an e-mail so YAY! :P Tonight I am going to watch "Full House" and "Friends". And I also wanna watch Michelle Kwan skate (GO MICHELLE! She better win the gold!), except it's on kinda late. Blah. But Daddy can tape it. Oops, time for egg salad, gotta go. -Moi

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