Friday, February 22, 2002

3:43 PM- C'est vendridi! And I stayed up til 12:30 this morning watching the figure skating. I was very happy with the results, although I feel sorry for Michelle. :-( But SARAH WON!!!! YAY! :-D That is awesome. You should have seen me, I was totally crossing my fingers and muttering whenever the skaters were about to jump. Sarah was amazing- she definitely deserved to win! Anyways, I don't have much time because I have to head to LN's house to work on the GA History project (I told you we'd do it!!) in about 15 minutes. Today LN's glasses lens popped out and we looked all over for her screw in GA History! But we couldn't find it so she has them taped together. Yikes! I know how she feels because I've lost my screw before too! Anyways, I promise to write more later, but I need to go have a snack before I leave! Happy Friday and Huzzah ~Moi the Magnificent

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