Wednesday, February 20, 2002

3:36 PM- Yo peoples- Just got home from school. Blah. HAve 2 head 2 Alva's for a haircut in about 10 minutes, but let's see, what exciting stuff happened today?... Ummm... I had a sub in 2 classes- No "Letters from a Slave Girl" test cuz Ms. F wasn't there! And LN borrowed my copy anyway, and she BETTER give it back... Just kidding! ;-D We learned more about the periodic table in science. Played a fun game in Drama with Lily, then practiced songs in Chorus. Had a battle in GA History (of course we of the North lost), went over new vocab en francais, and did a stupid worksheet that I didn't understand in math because Coach O wasn't there!!! Sniff. Ah well. Molls is on her way to Paris as I write... LUCKY!!! I have math, GA History, and French for homework, and after the haircut we're going to Wed. Night Supper... the first one that doesn't involve a play rehearsal. :-( I showed Ms. L pictures from Fall Retreat! Oh, we had a tornado drill today, that was about the only truly exciting thing- he he. I got to see a very interesting dust ball against the wall. :-D It rained today, that was nice (although I was inside). Now it's starting to feel all springy. Gotta go get ready to leave, later alligators. Oh, and for those of you who have my e-mail address- E-MAIL MOI! (And for people like Lizzie & Maggie, that's ME in French!;-D) Lata

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