Tuesday, February 19, 2002

3:20 PM- Dropped Mason off @ a friend's house, then went to the post office to return my passport info. Turns out the picture they took @ Sears was too small, so I got another one taken- it actually turned out better than the first! So that's good. I'm supposed to get it back in 6 weeks. So I think that's enough time. I am talking to Lizzie... Molls leaves tomorrow- have a great trip! (no fair! ;-D) Even if it's only 4 days, Paris rules! BTW, if you're bored in the car, listen to "Harry Potter" tapes. You'll notice things you never noticed before. I want e-mails! (UGH I keep thinking about that GA History project and how it's due in about 3 weeks and my group hasn't even started- but we are going to get together @ LN's house this weekend!! Seriously!) Hi Lizzie and Maggie. :-D

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