Sunday, February 24, 2002

2:20 PM-- Hi everyone!! I just got back from church and lunch and am taking a break before I work on a little bit of homework (darn- hee hee). Anyways, I went to Sunday School this morning and there were only about 4 of us because the 7th graders are on the Confirmation Retreat and Mollie is in Paris (but she's coming back today). It was me, Allie, George, Becca, and Megan came in a little late. Us 8th graders shared our experiences of OUR confirmation retreat last year (since it was a year ago today- scary!) and how we've changed in a year. I think that I still have some questions about my religion and stuff, but I'm going through those as I go through life I think. Then we all went down to Caribou and I got a Mint Condition. Yummy Andes mints and whipped cream and coffee and chocolate all thrown into one. Went to church from there, sat with David, Chris, and George (Emily, Allie, and Megs sat a few rows back) in the balcony. GUESS WHAT??? David got into his first choice college!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Congratulations Robin Hood! :-D Chris was singing the hymns like a redneck in my ear. ;-D Went to lunch with Nana, Pop Pop, Dad, Mase, and Dan. The salmon wasn't so good today. Tonight is choir and youth. Hopefully we will just relax since all the 7th graders are just getting back and stuff. But who knows? I have to do some science maintenant.. More lata. ~~~

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