Saturday, February 23, 2002

11:24 PM~~ Yaaawn. I went to LN's house and she and I and Andrew worked on our project for awhile. And we procrastinated some as well (that's what we're best @!! Just kidding;-D). We got on the Net and listened to LN's music and then Andrew left and me and LN got online for awhile. Then I went to Barbara's with Mom and we went to see "Gosford Park". It was a very good movie, an interesting murder mystery that was very British (which I love!). Maggie Smith was great and so were the other actors. Went to a Thai restaurant for a LATE dinner (10 PM) and just got home a few minutes ago. Yawn, I am sooooo, SOOOO tired!!! Gonna go watch the gala now. G'night all, sleep tight.

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